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Platform Science and Policy
SCNAT - The House of Sciences

Working Groups of the «Platform SAP»


Research in the Alps: Interacademic Commission on Alpine Studies (ICAS)
Biodiversity: Swiss Biodiversity Forum
Research National Park: Research Council of the Swiss National Park (FOK-SNP)
Research Partnership North-South: Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries (KFPE)
Genetic Research: Genetic Research Forum
Climate and Global Change: Forum for Climate and Global Change (ProClim-)
Transidsciplinarity: Network for Transdisciplinary Research (td-net)

Polar Research: Swiss Committee on Polar and High Altitude Research




The «Platform Science and Policy» (SAP) is focused on socially relevant issues from a scientific, interdisciplinary and interacademic perspective. It supports the development of topic-specific solutions by contributing knowledge to the discourse of politics, administration, economy and society, in coordination with the SCNAT Board. It pursues its mission by means of the following activities:


  • Establishment and maintenance of thematic communities.
  • Creation and management of communication and information platofrms (knowledge management), coordination and publishing.
  • International networking and support of international conventions and research programmes, or of researchers involved in international activities.
  • Cooperation and dialogue (bridging the gap) with «Hochschule Schweiz» (Swiss Universities, Zurich and Lausanne Institutes of Technology, Swiss research institutions) to safeguard and expand the level of expertise in the Swiss «science and research arena» (Forschungsstandort Schweiz).
  • Maintenance of contacts with (national and international) research promotion institutions to ensure early diagnosis.
  • Cooperation and networking within the platform in its core areas of early diagnosis and dialogue.


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paul messerli


Paul Messerli



Board (consisting of the presidents of the Working Groups)


Norman Backhaus

Hubertus Fischer

Markus Fischer

Laurent Goetschel

Heinz Gutscher

Patrick Matthias

Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello

Heinz Veit


urs neu

Chief Science Officer

Urs Neu


Tel.: 031 328 23 26




Adresses of the SAP-Working Groups



President: Heinz Veit, Tel. 031 631 85 61, e-mail:

Office: Thomas Scheurer, Tel. 031 318 70 18, e-mail:


Swiss Biodiversity Forum

President: Markus Fischer, Tel. 031 631 49 43, e-mail:

Office: Daniela Pauli, Tel. 031 312 02 75, e-mail:


Research Council of the Swiss National Park

President: Norman Backhaus, Tel. Telefon 044 635 51 72, e-mail:

Office: Thomas Scheurer, Tel. 031 318 70 18, e-mail:



President: Laurent Goetschel, Tel. 031 330 12 12, e-mail:

Office: Jon-Andri Lys, Tel. 031 311 06 01, e-mail:


Genetic Research Forum

President: Patrick Matthias, Tel. 061 697 66 61, e-mail:

Office: Pia Stieger, Tel. 031 310 40 28, e-mail:



President: Heinz Gutscher, Tel. 044 635 72 70, e-mail:

Office: Christoph Ritz, ProClim, Tel. 031 328 23 24, e-mail:



President: Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello, Tel. 031 631 40 35, e-mail:

Office: Christian Pohl, Theres Paulsen, Tel. 031 310 40 94, e-mail:,



President: Hubertus Fischer, Tel. 031 631 85 03, e-mail: